The Jacksonville Cultural Development Corporation’s mission is

to foster an environment that builds creative communities by providing resources and support for

arts and artists to flourish in Jacksonville, Fla., and the surrounding areas.


The Jacksonville Cultural Development Corporation was developed specifically to renew

the spirits of area residents and support the neighborhood of East Jacksonville, Fla.,

through training, implementation and promotion of the the fine arts. We believe that

encouraging artists and area youth to pursue art projects that beautify the community will

build self-sufficiency and promote the desire of the populace to create more clean, safe and

beautiful spaces in East Jacksonville.



Jacksonville Cultural Development Corporation (JCDC) was founded in 2015 on the

strength of its predecessor, the Jacksonville Consortium of African American Artists

(JCAAA). The JCAAA was formed by a group of artists, art administrators, teachers and

business people who sought to increase representation of African American artists and art

resources within underserved communities in Jacksonville.

After restructuring to form the JCDC, the organization seeks as its primary objects to foster

economic empowerment, cultural diversity and awareness while building bridges in the

community through creative arts education.

For more than a decade, members of the JCDC and its predecessor organization have

devoted their time and talent to improving the arts and cultural opportunities through art

exhibits, gallery talks, art classes, theatrical performances, workshops,

and neighborhood beautification projects.

We have acquired an industrial  warehouse space, The Creative Learning Exchange

 where we teach art classes, provide studios for working artists, and hold art exhibits

and demonstrations for our residents and visitors.

Stop by and watch us grow!